Chapter 157 A Harmonious Family of Four!

Bianca carried Rainie out. Blanche went to the door and picked up his sisters’ shoes before running out. "Say goodbye to Grandpa Charles and Grandma Faye." After Luke finished speaking, he walked to the black Range Rover, unlocked the door, and opened it before chucking the backpacks in. "Goodbye Grandma Faye, goodbye Grandpa Charles. Take care of yourselves.” Blanche rushed over, put his arms around the necks of the two old people, and gave each a kiss. Bianca turned around and said politely, "Goodbye." Faye and Charles both smiled contentedly and nodded. Luke stretched out his big hand to embrace her waist and walked back to the back seat of the car. He let her into the car and seated her in the backseat with the children. Since there were children, there was no other way. The backseat was the safer choice. For caution’s sake, he could never afford to let anything happen to his two kids and Bianca. "Aunt Bea, why’d you come with Daddy?" Blanche got in the car and asked Aunt

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