Chapter 156 Luke Enjoyed Playing The Role Of The Husband

Luke gave Bianca a call as he stood outside the club. “I’m at the entrance. You’ll see me when you come out." "Okay, I'm going out right now.” After Bianca hung up, she changed into her clothes and hurried out. The black Range Rover was parked domineeringly at the most conspicuous position in front of the entertainment club. "Get in.” Luke secretly held her waist, opened the door with his other hand, and even quietly protected her head with his hand when she got in the car in case she knocked her head on the car door frame. Bianca sat down in the passenger seat and lowered her head as she fastened her seat belt. Luke closed the car door and finished smoking a cigarette. He narrowed his dark eyes and walked toward the trash can in front of the club to put out his cigarette before getting into the car. Bianca wanted to hurry him and wished he did not smoke, but she was scared that it might anger him. When she saw that he was not in a hurry at all, she could not help but wonder w

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