Chapter 105 Don't Act This Way, Everyone Is Watching Us

Luke picked up a white bra and a white underwear with cartoons for her. Meanwhile in the manor, Grandpa was already asleep in the room. His breathing sounded thicker than a normal young man’s, while everything else was so quiet that one could hear a needle drop. Bianca could not fall asleep, so she tossed and turned. She thought about how she had to convince Grandpa to leave tomorrow. After leaving, should she let Grandpa stay at home or admit him to the hospital? If she brought him to the hospital, which hospital should she choose? She could not let Grandpa stay in the same hospital as Dad. While she was scratching her head over these thoughts, she heard something outside. A car drove into the villa. She wondered who it was since it was so late. ‘Did Luke come back? Or is it Louis?’ After about five minutes, there were footsteps coming upstairs. They sounded calm and powerful. When the door was pushed open, Bianca, who was under the blanket, knew that Luke was back. The foo

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