Chapter 106 Young Master Lanie Had Met With An Accident!

In order to avoid and run away from him, Bianca had quickly set up a blind date and was considering getting married to a man she felt she could get along with. Luke could no longer restrain his raging anger. He stared her down. "Am I the plague? Why are you using this method of rejection?” Bianca started to get nervous after being stared down by him. She shook her head and lied. "You’re not a plague, but someone like you has never been what I want in a partner. I merely used you to satisfy my vanity. After I got my revenge on Jean, my conscience finally spoke to me and now I’m retreating. There’s no wrong in that, unless you’re fine with me using you for the rest of your life?” Luke was not the plague in her eyes but something more than that. They had worked together and eaten together. Although they did not show their love publicly as they needed to look professional as an employer and employee, she could accept all that. However, forcing herself to approach other men to get hers

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