Chapter 104 If You Don't Obey Me, Your Skirt Is Going To Tear

"Sit down," Luke ordered with a sullen face. Bianca shook her head and did not follow as he ordered. She thought that since they had broken up, they should not have such intimate contact with each other. When Grandpa’s body stabilized tomorrow, they would be able to move him out. There were only ten hours left until the time came tomorrow. It was not difficult for the ten hours to pass by at all. All they needed to do was sleep on each of their own beds. After they fell asleep and woke up, ten hours would have passed. "Sit down!" Luke lowered his voice and pulled her down. It was as if he had expected that she would not scream or struggle since both grandfathers were outside. He held her down and forced her to sit on the covered toilet seat. In the next moment, she found that she could not get up because her ankle was firmly grasped by his big hand. "We’re not in a relationship anymore. You’ve even personally admitted it yourself. Therefore, it’s inappropriate to do things like

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