Chapter 103 Stop Moving Around. Are You Trying To Make Me Tie You Up?

When Luke walked in, Bianca looked up and saw him. When he saw that she was making the bed, the man's eyes contracted. He threw the ointment on her bed without saying a word. Bianca stopped making the bed as her eyes inadvertently shifted to the ointment stick on the blanket. The ointment package read ‘For treating mosquito bites on infants and young children’. Old Master Crawford held up his reading glasses and saw him. He raised his head and asked his grandson, "How did you know Bea was bitten by mosquitoes?" Luke said nothing. "Apply the ointment quickly in case they’re poisonous…” When Old Man Rayne said that, he started telling everyone in the room. "When my poor granddaughter was a child, no one cared for her. She was bitten by a forest mosquito on her eyelid once. It swelled up horribly and got infected and inflamed. If her father hadn’t come back home to bring her to the city for injections to reduce inflammation, I’m afraid she would be blind now." "It wasn’t that seriou

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