Chapter 102 Luke Competes With His Son

When Allison heard her son mention that they had broken up, she was overjoyed. However, on the surface, Allison looked heartbroken as if she had lost her prospective daughter-in-law, Bianca. "Why did you two suddenly break up? What kind of a problem is so bad that can't be resolved?"   Bianca turned to leave. Allison pretended to try and stop Bianca. "Bea, I beg you... Don't tell the two old men about this yet. Their bodies won’t be able to take it.” Luke raised his eyes and looked at the door where Bianca's figure disappeared. At the same time, the other deep set of eyes in the room also looked toward the door. After that, Xavier's gaze turned to his cousin, Luke. Allison had her back turned away from the three of them. She rubbed her fingers before turning to give Yvonne an encouraging look. Yvonne got the hint. She went to pour a glass of water and put it next to Luke's left hand. "Here Luke, drink some water." Luke stopped his work, closed his eyes, and raised his hand to p

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