Chapter 101 Bianca, You Really Need Help!

Luke's words were not flirty at all but just pure mockery. Bianca blushed and leaned against the wall behind the door. She slowly closed her eyes and swallowed down her saliva as she forced herself to breathe. She lowered her head and scolded herself in her head, ‘Bianca, how can you be so sick? How can you think about doing those kinds of things with him?! ‘Bianca, you really need help! ‘Have you forgotten what’s your relation with him? ‘Please open your eyes!’ After she tried to repress her complicated feelings, Bianca entered the room with the food. Luke was already dressed in a dark gray shirt and black trousers. It made him look even more mysterious, distant, and cold. Since he just woke up, his eyes still looked tired and dazed. When he looked at the woman who just walked in, he asked coldly, "Did you bring me food?" Bianca put down the plate. She glanced at him and said, "Grandpa told me to bring you food. I can’t say no to him.” Luke buttoned the cuffs of his shirt w

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