Chapter 972

The Quest family and the maid’s family held a small funeral for the maid the following day. After the funeral, Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton returned to their home together. This was the first time they went back home since Emily Quest passed away. Sunlight streamed golden through the window and lit the living room. All the Baroque-style ornaments in the living room were shimmering brightly in the golden sun rays. Xyla plopped down on the couch as soon as she reached home. She leaned against the backrest and pinched her nose bridge to keep herself awake. After putting on the slippers, Stanley strode across the living room and sat down next to her. Suddenly and without warning, he turned her body sideways and gave her stiff shoulder a massage. He was as good as a professional masseur. He applied the right amount of pressure at the exact acupoints of her body. Xyla felt like all her soreness disappeared at that instant. Tenderness was written all over the man. The sun

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