Chapter 973

The sunlight added luster to their tanned skins. Their utter dismay was reflected in their eyes. Xyla Quest’s heart began to throb frantically at the sight of them. Xyla floored the gas pedal and accelerated the car. She pulled up in front of their house and opened the car door for them politely. After they got into the car, Xyla drove them to a bank downtown. Xyla parked her car at a nearby parking lot before getting out of the car and heading to the bank with the two elders. Bang! Suddenly, they heard a loud bang behind them. Xyla immediately turned to look in the direction of the noise. She was shocked to find the rear of a black Audi crashed into her Bentley Arnage. The spot where the two cars clashed belched dense smoke. Obviously, the driver of the black Audi was terrible at parking. He or she must have accidentally hit Xyla’s car when reversing. “We’ll go inside to queue first,” the maid’s mother said. “Alright. I’ll be right over.” Xyla smiled. Subseq

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