Chapter 971

“Don’t you need to go back to your company? You’ve been with me for two days.” “My company is not as important as you,” Stanley Batton answered truthfully. “You can always go back to your office if you’re busy. I’m fine being alone here,” said Xyla. “It’s okay. I’ve settled everything there.” Xyla stopped arguing and surrendered to his secure embrace. She lay on her chest like a tame, adorable kitten. “Dad didn’t really eat just now. Make some dinner for him later. He loves your sweet and sour pork ribs,” Xyla whispered, her voice soft and weak. “No problem.” “Thanks, hubby.” “That’s what I’m supposed to do.” Buzz buzz buzz… Stanley’s phone vibrated just as he finished his sentence. Seeing Zack Cassidy’s name on the screen, Stanley hung up on him without hesitation. Very soon, Zack sent him a text message. “Fifth Master, we have a client waiting for you at the company. Should I pick you up now?” “I’ll talk to him another day.” Stanley quickly typed and sent. “What

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