Chapter 961

“Honey… Please come back to the Quest family’s house. I discovered very strange things,” Xyla Quest said. “Hmm, okay…” Stanley Batton answered without hesitation. There were people walking past him all the time, but none of them shone brighter than him. After making the call, Xyla turned to look at a few servants who were doing house chores. “Come here…” She said. The servants quickly walked over to Xyla. They bowed their heads respectfully while waiting for instructions from Xyla. “You must all keep what happened at home today a secret. Nobody will say a word…” Xyla instructed earnestly. Someone very powerful might be hiding behind all this. There might also be a huge, shocking scheme. If what happened was known to outsiders, and this person found out, it might easily cause panic… After all, Xyla was out in the open, but that person was still hidden in the dark. “Yes!” the servants all answered simultaneously. “If I discover anyone spreading the news out, I will make her pay

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