Chapter 960

Xyla Quest tried unlocking it with Emily Quest’s birth date, but it didn’t work at all. In the end, she tried using May Conner, Jeremy Quest, and Tom Sullivan’s birth dates. The first two attempts didn’t work, but Tom’s birth date successfully unlocked the box. Inside the box was a massive number of glass bottles with transparent liquid inside. The bottles were shaped like experimental test tubes, but the length was only half that of small-sized test tubes. There were also strange symbols on the bottle that Xyla had seen before. Xyla seriously had no idea what these were. Hence, she quickly put the stuff aside and continued to look through Emily’s closet. After that, Xyla didn’t discover anything suspicious. She then returned to Emily’s room to continue searching for anything suspicious. Likewise, she found nothing. After that, Xyla quickly made her way into May Conner’s room. The first thing she did was to open the drawers to May’s dressing table… In the top-most drawer o

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