Chapter 959

“Everyone, leave for now… Don’t touch anything inside this room. Leave it all to me,” Xyla Quest said. The servants were more than happy to hear this. As soon as they heard what Xyla said, they all ran outside. Once everyone had left, Xyla shifted her gaze back to the box in the drawer. Upon taking a closer look, she discovered a piece of red paper beneath the box. She knew there would be secrets regardless of whether it was the box before her eyes or the paper beneath the box. If something terrifying wasn’t hidden inside, Emily Quest definitely wouldn’t have used a box that contained such a mechanism. Although Xyla badly wanted to know what was inside, she didn’t dare to just touch it. Xyla could only suppress her curiosity and carefully push the drawer back inside. She’d have to look for someone professional to solve this mystery. Otherwise, she would end up like the female servant earlier. From the odd symbols on the wall to the strange box in front of her, Xyla realized m

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