Chapter 958

Xyla Quest immediately walked over to the injured female servant as quickly as she could. She half-kneeled on the ground and checked the woman’s right wrist. There was a very thin silver needle in the female servant’s wrist. Only half of the needle had pierced her flesh, and the remaining half was still exposed. The skin where the servant was stabbed had already turned black. Clearly, the needle contained poison… When the other servants saw this, they immediately gathered around. Each of them was shocked. Xyla then looked at the box the servant mentioned. It was a huge square box with a Country Z design of flower carvings on it. There was a combination lock on the box. Clearly, there was a mechanism on the box, and this servant had accidentally activated it. That was why the silver needle hurt her. Pfft— The next second, the female servant who was jabbed by the needle fell directly to the ground. She was bleeding from all seven of her orifices and had passed out. When Xyla sa

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