Chapter 957

About half an hour later, Jeremy Quest trembled as he stood up. He walked directly to Xyla Quest. “Please go home and pack up your aunt and Emily’s belongings. We’ll bury those things with the two of them tomorrow,” he said. After saying that, Jeremy looked at Stanley Batton. “Stan, please stay here and look after the guests.” “Okay,” Xyla replied. After that, Xyla walked out of the parlor with Stanley. She then left the funeral home with a group of bodyguards waiting outside. *** Back at the Quest family’s place, Xyla led the servants into Emily’s room to sort out her personal belongings. They first took the jewelry on Emily’s dresser and put them into a leather case. After that, they went into Emily’s closet to continue sorting stuff out. They placed all of Emily’s clothes, some accessories, and her shoes into the leather case. “What is this? Ms. Xyla, come and have a look, quickly…” A female servant suddenly called out. Xyla happened to be holding a few items of clothing and

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