Chapter 956

Everyone in the Sullivan family seemed very aggrieved, but there wasn’t a single tear in their eyes. Xyla Quest knew very well that the entire family was just putting on an act. None of them from the Sullivan family actually felt sad about Emily Quest’s death. Yet, even so, Xyla still didn’t feel sorry for Emily. Everyone needed to pay for what they did. Back when Emily was alive, she wasn’t kind to others. After she died, she also shouldn’t receive kindness from others. Jeremy Quest didn’t say anything. Instead, he silently listened to what the Sullivan family said as he looked at his wife and daughter’s memorial portraits with an empty gaze. He was feeling extremely upset. Although he hated the two of them thoroughly, he still felt a great pain in his chest when he looked at their coffins and memorial portraits. Seeing her father like this made Xyla feel extremely upset as well. She immediately hugged Jeremy tight. “Dad, please don’t be too sad. You’ll hurt yourself,” Xyla s

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