Chapter 962

Xyla Quest subconsciously glanced at the surveillance screen first. Indeed, it was Ron Batton who stood outside the door. He was wearing a set of white martial arts outfits with a walking stick in his hand. The handle part of the walking stick was made of a huge, white jade ball. It seemed low-profile but yet had a tinge of luxury to it. Xyla quickly opened the door and passed Ron a pair of slippers. “Grandpa, these slippers are for you.” “Thank you, Xyla…” Ron said gently before looking affectionately at Xyla and changing into the slippers. Once he was done, he casually closed the door behind him and resumed a somber expression on his face. “Where’s that Soul Devouring Potion you spoke of?” “Here…” Xyla naturally held Ron’s arm and led him over to a seat in front of the living room’s coffee table. As soon as they sat down, Xyla eagerly handed over the bottle she had checked out earlier to Ron. Stanley Batton didn’t say anything. Instead, with a grave expression on his face, he

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