Chapter 904

Immediately after that, various screenshots of artists dissing her on Weibo, led by Josh Batton, also began to appear. In the next second, a frenzy of abusive comments from netizens came into sight. “[Suzie Cobold, will you just go to hell already? Hurry up and leave the entertainment industry.” “I have never expected her to be a deceptive person like this. I must have been blind to have liked a b*tch like Suzie Cobold. Leave the entertainment industry!” “This woman really is shameless to the extreme. If I were her, I would kill myself after seeing all this.” “Suzie Cobold, you should hurry up and kill yourself to atone.” “From today onward, Suzie Cobold will probably be receiving a lot of attorney letters to the point that her hands will turn numb. This is good news.” “Not only will she receive a lot of attorney letters, but she will also have to pay a lot of money until she goes bankrupt, right? Everyone she’s defamed before will come knocking on her door for money.” “Suzie C

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