Chapter 903

These words were enough to prove Colbie Olsen’s good character to the public… Once this was sent out, Colbie would definitely gain a lot of fans. After writing it, Georgie Clementine sent the message over to Colbie. Colbie replied with an ‘OK’ emoji within seconds. *** At the same time, somewhere else in a bedroom decorated in the Hello Kitty theme, Suzie Cobold, who was the center of this storm, slowly awakened in her bed. She still had no idea about what was happening out there. The first thing she did was stretch her body. After that, in a good mood, she picked up her phone. As she looked at the black phone screen, a smile appeared on her face. She started mumbling to herself. “What rumor should I come up with today? I’ll do as Mr. Brown said. I’ll drag a few of X Entertainment’s currently popular artists down by saying that, in Georgie Clementine’s… List of people she slept with, their names were on it too.” With that, Suzie started laughing loudly. She was even happier

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