Chapter 905

Suzie Cobold would have to start all over again in life where she was penniless. How could she accept this? After entering the entertainment industry and earning a lot of money, she began to live a life surrounded by nothing but luxury. Purchases of luxury purses felt like purchases of daily groceries… If she had to return to regular days that were filled with hardship, like those she had lived in the past, how could she bear it? No, Suzie absolutely would not allow that to happen. Right then, she thought of Mr. Brown. Perhaps, she could still be rescued… Suzie immediately called Mr. Brown on his phone. As soon as Mr. Brown picked up, she cut to the chase. “Mr. Brown… You’ve probably seen what happened to me. Because of your suggestion, not only will I not be able to work in the entertainment industry anymore, but I will even have to pay back large sums of money. Can’t you help me out by paying those people off on the basis that we spent a few nights together?” Mr. Brown snort

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