Chapter 835

Hanging up the phone, he changed his target and called Georgie Clementine. “Georgie, is Xyla with you?” Why was Xyla Quest acting so weird today? Something must have happened to her. Stanley Batton felt a little uneasy about her disappearance. Georgie was currently at the X Entertainment’s chief executive’s office. She slowly put down the documents in her hands before replying to Stanley, “No, she’s not at the office. Why?” “Nothing…” Stanley was disappointed. Following that statement, he hung up the phone and called Zack Cassidy. “Find out where Xyla is right now.” Stanley then hung up on Zack without waiting for him to reply. He did not notice it, but wrinkles appeared between his brows again. *** After crying for a while, Xyla got up from the sofa and plodded to the balcony. She left the window ajar, allowing a light breeze to flow into the room and cool her face. Suddenly, a fleet of black luxury cars pulled up in the courtyard. A large group of black-clad men got

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