Chapter 834

Her heart broke into million pieces every time she listened to that conversation. “Nice one, Stanley Batton…” she mumbled. Tears rolled down her cheeks in such generous streams. The man had bent over backward these days to keep her around as his blood supplier. He was just pretending to be a good husband all this while. What a good actor he was. If she had not received this audio clip today, she might have been fooled by him for the rest of her life. Everyone else in the Batton family was as horrible as him. She really wanted to ask them how it felt to put on such a wonderful show. Were they not tired of it? Ridiculous. Everything was so ridiculous… Buzz buzz buzz… Xyla Quest’s phone vibrated. The noises of the vibrations interrupted her thoughts. The screen showed ‘Hubby’. She used to be delighted to receive his call, yet the word looked extraordinarily sickening at this moment. She loved him with all her heart, appreciating him for being her perfect husband. Howev

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