Chapter 836

The black-clad men nodded courteously and answered in unison, “Yes, sir!” Christopher Lancelot took one last look at them before shutting the door. Stretching his long arm, he grabbed Xyla Quest’s wrist and forced her onto the door. He propped his right hand against the door panel while his other proceeded to cup her chin. “Tell me. What happened to you? Hmm? Did Stanley Batton bully you? Did he do something that upset you?” She would not be here alone if she had not had a conflict with Stanley Batton. Her red eyes stabbed his heart. At that instant, he thought Miranda was crying in front of him. “There’s nothing wrong with me. Let go of me.” Xyla dropped her head, avoiding eye contact with him. Once she finished her sentence, she gently pushed him away and returned to the living room, sitting down on the beige sofa. Though Christopher had saved her life before, they were not close, and they did not even know much about each other. There was no point telling him what she h

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