Chapter 808

Her phone screen showed an article about Noah Smith on Weibo. The article said that they had recently gotten wind of Noah Miller’s appearance in one of the Goose factory’s talent shows later this year. Noah Miller would be taking the role of mentor for Fire Up Street Dancing Season 2. In fact, Georgie Clementine had the marketing accounts let the cat out of the bag. Their company intended to win Noah some attention and enhance his popularity before his debut. Xyla Quest logged onto her Weibo account without hesitation. The article had exceeded fifty thousand likes, shares, and comments in less than five minutes. Countless Noah’s fans were expressing their delight in the comment section. “I refuse to believe this since there’s no official announcement made by X Entertainment. Please don’t give us false hope.” “I’ll be overjoyed if it’s true! I’m looking forward to seeing my boy! Noah Miller! Mom loves you!” “It’ll be great if the news is true. However, if some other compani

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