Chapter 807

“Are you sure you’re not going to tell Xyla about it?” Ron Batton asked. “Please don’t let her know,” Stanley Batton mumbled. Ron managed a curt nod, then patted Stanley’s shoulder. *** Meanwhile, something unusual was about to happen at the Sullivan family’s house. Emily Quest was sitting in front of the dressing table, earnestly applying her favorite lipstick. Her lips were bright red, matching very well with her heavy makeup and her black straight hair. She looked demonically flirtatious in that red, short silk halter dress. Knock knock knock… Someone was knocking at the door. Smirking, Emily casually wiped the overdrawn lipstick off the corner of her lips and stole a glance at the door through the mirror. “Come in…” Soon, the door was pushed open. Tom Sullivan frowned as soon as he saw her. He plodded on with a gloomy face until he reached her side. “What do you want?” “Close the door,” Emily ordered. Tom glowered coldly at her before returning to the doorway and c

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