Chapter 806

“Master? Why didn’t he tell us he’s coming back?” Xyla Quest narrowed her eyes and stared at the old man in the back seat of the car. Stanley Batton, who had now seen the man, immediately got out of his car. Xyla followed along and hopped off the car excitedly. Ron Batton slowly got out of his car too. He was wearing a traditional white tai chi outfit, looking benevolent yet refreshed. “Grandpa, what are you doing here? Why didn’t you inform us in advance?” Stanley asked. Ron gazed at Xyla and smiled. “I missed you guys so much. That’s why I’m here.” “Master, you should’ve told us earlier. We could’ve gone to the airport and picked you up.” As Xyla spoke, she skipped toward Ron and hugged his arm intimately. Ron grinned at Xyla dotingly and patted the back of her hand. “I wanted to surprise you, my dear. Are you guys going out now?” Xyla nodded. “Well, I was going to work, but now that you’re back, I think I’m changing my mind.” The smile on Ron’s face widened, his fond

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