Chapter 809

“What’s wrong?” Sebastian Brenand asked. “Letitia Entertainment’s young master, Magnus, would like to meet you.” “Why?” Sebastian took a sip of red wine half-heartedly. “He’s hoping to join forces with you to crush X Entertainment… He said that the entire entertainment industry is going to fall into their hands if the two of you don’t do something now.” Sebastian frowned slightly. “Ask him to get lost. Tell him that going against X Entertainment means going against me!” “Yes, sir!” Jean Hanson nodded courteously. “Don’t ever talk about this matter with me in the future. I don’t care which company it is. As long as they dare to touch X Entertainment, ask them to f*ck off. Don’t waste my time on them.” Sebastian snapped. Jean responded with a polite nod and left. Offended by the ignorant request, Sebastian grabbed the wine glass and gulped down the red wine. After Jean left Sebastian’s office, he headed straight to the waiting room on the first floor. In the middle of t

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