Chapter 761

After that, Jeremy Quest turned to look at Xyla again. “Xyla, what do you think?” He wanted to get Xyla Quest’s opinion on the matter. “I think we can give it a try… If it doesn’t work, Emily can come home. That’s all, right? Besides, she hasn’t won anyway. We can discuss it when she wins…” Xyla said. Emily smiled satisfactorily, but her smile soon disappeared, and she seemed depressed as she did before. “Let’s do as Xyla suggests…” Jeremy said. May Conner immediately smiled happily. She continued to hold Jeremy’s hand and rested her head against his shoulder while looking at Xyla. “Xyla, wouldn’t it have been great if you had studied architecture just like your sister? If you did, you could be designing blueprints with your sister now…” May said. While complimenting Emily, May didn’t forget to insult Xyla. Xyla felt amused, just witnessing that. “Honey, I think we should make this a big deal. Why don’t we invite three celebrities from the architectural field to judge them once

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