Chapter 762

Which blueprint would Emily Quest steal from the ones Xyla Quest threw away? Xyla was really looking forward to finding out. “Beep, beep, beep…” Right then, Xyla’s phone started ringing. When she saw it was a WeChat video call from Stanley Batton, she immediately smiled. Xyla got up and walked over to the french window before answering the call. Very soon, Stanley’s face appeared on the phone screen. He was wearing a well-ironed white shirt. His hair was airy and volumized, and it seemed he had only just washed it. Without any wax on his hair, it seemed naturally curvy. Since this hairstyle covered his fierce-looking brows, it made Stanley appear less intimidating. “Honey, isn’t it ten o’clock at night where you are? Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Xyla asked. “Hmm. I wanted to check on you before I sleep,” Stanley said, smiling. When Xyla heard that, she immediately started laughing. “Well, you have done it now. Go to bed. I’m at my father’s place.” “Hmm… Do you miss me?” Stanl

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