Chapter 760

Jeremy Quest patiently introduced each of them. Xyla Quest stood up and shook their hands one at a time. After that, she sat down. Jeremy then picked up the three blueprints and looked at Xyla. “Xyla… What do you think of these three blueprints Emily has drawn?” Did Emily Quest draw these? Xyla couldn’t help but laugh at the thought, but she didn’t show it. “Did you draw these?” She turned to look at Emily. Emily continued to act as if she was very depressed as she nodded. “Yeah, I did…” “Your daughter’s work is of very high quality. In fact, these blueprints look very similar to the works of the famously talented designer, Lily. President Quest, you’re lucky to have such a good daughter…” Matt complimented. “Xyla, what do you think?” Jeremy asked. “Xyla… Your sister’s designs were even complimented by the internationally renowned architectural designer, Lily,” May Conner added. “Lily?” Xyla seemed shocked. “Yeah… You know Lily, don’t you? She’s a new superstar in the world

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