Chapter 759

From the rearview mirror, Sebastian Brenand could see Rachel Wood’s housing block disappearing into the distance, just like how she was… Rachel taught him how to love, and she turned his world upside down. But after that, she cruelly left him. Perhaps, Sebastian was never meant to live everyday life with his other half. Maybe he should just be the womanizer he had always been, enjoying good food and alcohol while sleeping with beauties. There wouldn’t be any mention of love. Love was a poisonous thing that could break someone’s heart. A single encounter was enough to throw one off the rails. Upstairs, Rachel watched Sebastian drive away from the window. She suddenly felt her phone vibrating. Dr. Orsen’s name appeared on the screen. Rachel took a deep breath and wiped her tears away so that she would feel calmer. “Dr. Orsen… What’s up?” “I just finished operating a surgery. After that, I noticed that you’ve already received the parcel I sent you…” Dr. Orsen said. “Yeah… The mar

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