Chapter 733

The strong, tingling sensation caused Xyla Quest to take a deep breath. Subconsciously, she glanced over at her expensive diamond watch by the bedhead and noticed it was already close to noon. She immediately glared at Stanley angrily. “Stanley, I woke up late because of you again…” “Hmm…” “You… You shouldn’t do this next time,” Xyla added. “Hmm. I’ll keep that in mind,” Stanley said. Xyla rolled her eyes at Stanley. ‘Keep that in mind? Doesn’t he say this every time? When has he ever actually kept that in mind?’ Xyla thought. “Beep, beep, beep…” Right then, Stanley’s phone started ringing. Xyla ignored him. After adjusting her white silk pajamas, she went right into the bathroom. Once Xyla was out of sight, Stanley reached for his phone and looked at the screen. When he saw that the call was from Henry Armstrong, he picked up. He then slowly sat up and leaned lazily against the bedhead. “Zack Cassidy told me you didn’t come into the office today,” Henry said. His voice was

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