Chapter 734

It was a WeChat message from Stanley Batton. “Good luck for today’s match. I’ll be there to watch you.” After replying to Stanley with an ‘OK’, Xyla Quest sat at her desk. She turned on her computer, but she didn’t immediately get to work. Instead, she opened Weibo to check the list of trending topics for today. Xyla, Stanley, Josh Batton, and Shawn Gilbert’s names were still on the list. Apart from news about them, Xyla also saw ‘#Team XS and Team IM’s grand finale#’ on the top ten list of trending topics. There was the word ‘sizzling’ at the end of the hashtag. Xyla clicked on it excitedly. She immediately saw some messages from verified e-sports accounts regarding this season’s grand finale between Team XS and Team IM at five o’clock this afternoon. E-sports fans in the stadium were all predicting the winner of this match. Most of them placed their bets on Team IM winning. “Although Team XS is strong because it has Xyla Quest this year, I think Team IM stands a better chan

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