Chapter 732

Xyla Quest’s level of popularity surpassed that of Josh Batton’s. The number of views on that topic went up to three billion, and there were up to 250 million comments. Likewise, there were a lot of netizens expressing their shock about the topic. In fact, many people began sharing pictures of Stanley Batton from before. They continuously praised him for his good looks. Everyone’s attention shifted from the rumors of Xyla cheating on her husband to her husband… Xyla turned around to look at Stanley. Right then, he still looked as if nothing had happened. He was sitting upright while he worked on his laptop, and he had a serious expression on his face. Whenever he was focused on doing one thing, he seemed cold and noble. “We’re both on the list of trending topics,” Xyla said. “Hmm.” Stanley didn’t seem bothered. “The topic has blown up now…” Xyla said honestly. “Hmm,” Stanley answered calmly. “Everyone’s praising you…” Xyla said. “Hmm.” Stanley was still calm as usual. “W

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