Chapter 641

May Conner and the rest of the people who wanted to watch Xyla Quest embarrass herself quickly walked over to Xyla. They all had an annoyed expression on their faces. As everyone watched, Xyla picked up a brush and began painting a snowy plum. “What’s that? It looks very ordinary…” “Yeah. It does look ordinary…” Everyone was whispering among themselves. May didn’t say anything, but she felt the same way about it. Slowly, Xyla put her brush down and looked at Wilmer Lacroix. Wilmer kept his eyes on the painting of that snowy plum. There was a look of bewilderment in his eyes. In the next second, he turned around to look at Xyla. “That looks amazing… The plum flower looks so real. The strokes you have made were fantastic! This level of prowess is something many people could never reach despite practicing for years! Even I can’t draw such perfect plum! Will you please be my teacher?” he asked. Likewise, Sharon Lindt was stunned by how beautiful the snowy plum Xyla had drawn looke

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