Chapter 640

“Neither do I. Don’t judge when you can’t even draw.” “Can someone who can’t draw simply comment on Master Lacroix’s artwork? That’s pretty shameless.” “I think the master’s painting is perfect. Why is that girl acting like she’s very knowledgeable about art?” The crowd’s criticisms were getting harsher and harsher. However, happiness glowed inside May Conner when she heard them. ‘You’re dead this time, Xyla…’ “I might have known nothing about French paintings before. But how can you be so sure that I’m still the same after so many years?” Xyla Quest met her eyes apathetically. “Do you think that French painting is something that can be learned overnight?” May jabbed, “Besides, learning it and mastering it are two different cases…” “That’s right. Are you even qualified to judge Master Lacroix? Paint yourself then if you’re so good at it.” “Is Master Lacroix someone who can be simply attacked by a novice painter? Show us your paintings if you think you’re better than Master Lac

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