Chapter 639

“Okay.” Hanging up the phone, Xyla Quest briefly calculated the time and found out that the journey from her location would take at least an hour. Without further ado, she floored the gas pedal. Her red Maserati then sped down the streets, all the way to the destination. Xyla finally arrived at the art gallery at the appointed time. Effortlessly, she caught sight of Sharon Lindt from afar. Her mother-in-law was standing at the main entrance with a large group of bodyguards, patiently waiting for her. Sharon was dressed in a mint knitted cardigan with a white chiffon dress inside, matching them a pair of pastel flats. She completed her look with light makeup and a low ponytail, looking very much like a young little girl. The entrance of the art gallery was extremely crowded. However, no one was as eye-catching as Sharon. As Xyla stared at that elegant lady in the sea of heads, she could not help wondering how alluring she would have been when she was young. Xyla quickly fo

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