Chapter 642

Sharon Lindt was sure there was nothing Xyla Quest couldn’t do well. She felt very pleased with her daughter-in-law. Why would she still need to admire Wilmer Lacroix? She’d only have to admire her daughter-in-law! However, Xyla wasn’t really listening to what other people said. She kept her eyes on Wilmer’s face. Likewise, Wilmer was also looking at Xyla. Once everyone had become quiet, he started speaking earnestly, “Are you Xyla Quest? Please accept me as your student and teach me whenever you’re available.” “I really can’t do that. If you don’t mind, we can add each other on WeChat. From today onward, we can share our artwork and get feedback from each other,” Xyla said while shaking her head. Xyla couldn’t live up to being the teacher of such a prominent artist in the country. How could she? Xyla was still so young. How could she accept a white-haired old man as her student? Wilmer immediately nodded after hearing what Xyla said. After that, he quickly took his phone out

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