Chapter 550

Everyone watching them began to laugh at Xyla. The same went for Emily Quest, May Conner, and Tom Sullivan. They could not hold back their laughter anymore. Noticing the changes in Jeremy Quest’s expression and his gaze, Xyla reassured her father with a smile. Then, her gaze landed on Stanley Batton as she asked, “Hubby, they’re still skeptical of your identity. What should I do?” Bailey Ronson folded her arms disdainfully and glared at Xyla and Stanley. “What? Are you trying to ask that impostor standing next to you to pretend to be the president of Dragon Group again?” Stanley unhurriedly stood up from the chair without saying a single word and pulled out his phone, making a phone call. “Inform Sullivan Food Group that all the major banks are not going to lend them a dime from now on. Pass on the message to them right away.” Upon hearing that, Bailey Ronson rolled her eyes instantaneously and mumbled to herself, “What the hell was that? What a fraud.” The crowd started booing a

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