Chapter 549

“You have no right to educate my daughter. I’m not dead yet.” Jeremy Quest rebuked coldly. Another awkward laugh burst out of Bailey Ronson. Jeremy’s clear enmity had put her on the spot in front of the crowd. “Well… Aunt Bailey… Are you done with your story?” Xyla put down the teacup slowly and glowered at Bailey. Though Xyla seemed gentle and soft, her aura was way beyond compelling. Silence filled the hall all of a sudden. Everyone held their breath, staring at Xyla. “What? Xyla, do you want to explain to your father the reason you lied to him now? Fine. I’ll keep quiet. Go on,” Bailey prompted. She wondered how Xyla had managed to stay calm at a critical moment like this. “Indeed, I lied to my father…” Xyla looked at Bailey. Bailey’s spirits soared when she heard Xyla’s confession. Immediately, she glanced at Jeremy and the rest in the hall proudly. “Look… Our Xyla is brave enough to admit it.” Then, Xyla turned to the stunning man beside her and whispered in his ear, “Can

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