Chapter 548

Excitement surged within Tom Sullivan as he heard the crowd’s malicious comments. If Xyla Quest’s husband were really an ugly duckling who would bring shame to her, there would be great leaps in his hope to get Xyla back to his side. Instead of introducing her real husband to the public, Xyla had found a handsome guy to keep up appearances and act as a lovely couple with her. What did that mean? It meant that her actual husband was nothing to her. Xyla glared at Bailey Ronson coldly. “No. I said no.” All eyes in the entire hall were upon Xyla. The music had been turned off, though the culprit was unknown. Now, the whole world was able to listen to their conversation. Bailey laughed as soon as she heard Xyla’s answer. “No? If that’s not the case, how are you going to explain the whole incident? Are you trying to say that Mr. Henry is lying?” Staring deep at Stanley Batton’s face once more, Henry shook his head confidently. “Seriously, I’m not lying… I’ve seen that kid before. H

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