Chapter 551

It turned out that that had happened because of such an unexpected relationship. “You… You are actually… Someone from Dragon Group?” Jeremy Quest asked carefully. There was still a look of disbelief in his eyes. In the next second, Jeremy forcefully pinched his thigh. The pain was real, and that meant this wasn’t a dream. Emily Quest and May Conner were mad beyond reason. Neither of them had expected that their carefully planned scheme would fail to hurt Xyla Quest. Not only did it not hurt Xyla, it even allowed her to gain even more respect from the crowd. They actually ended up revealing the fact that she was the wife of Dragon Group’s heir. How did all of this happen? Could they have acquired the wrong information? “Also, this is the wedding photo of Xyla and me in our marriage certificate,” Stanley Batton said while retrieving a digital copy of their marriage certificate and handing it over to Jeremy. The marriage certificate clearly showed a picture of the two of them, al

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