Chapter 527

As soon as the elevator door opened, Stanley Batton held Xyla Quest’s hand and walked out of the elevator with her. The elevator next to them opened at the same time as well, where a few female employees who had just finished working overtime came out from. When they saw the two of them walking hand in hand, they stopped dead in their tracks, endless excitement and envy brimming in their eyes. “They’re really made for each other, aren’t they? Only a beautiful fairy like her is truly the perfect match for our President.” “Xyla Quest’s body is really awesome, am I right? Her face is very stunning too. I bet she’ll garner a lot of attention from the fans if she is involved in the entertainment industry.” “What do people mean by the ‘winner of life’? Just look at Xyla and you’ll understand. Besides being born in a wealthy family, she has now found a perfect man like our President to be her husband as well.” “Exactly. On top of that, the perfect man will obey her, spoiling her like a

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