Chapter 526

The lovebirds clung to each other for a long time before Stanley Batton finally willing to let Xyla Quest go. Promptly pushing him away, Xyla sat up from the office desk with difficulty and got dressed as fast as she could. When Xyla put on her last piece of clothing, Stanley had done getting dressed too. He sat on the desk neatly dressed, looking tidy and clean. He was totally different from just now. Stanley patted his thigh lightly as he smiled at Xyla. “Sit here.” Immediately, Xyla jumped off the desk and rejected him. “Hurry up and do your work. Don’t act like a perverted, self-indulgent ruler.” However, he pulled her onto his lap again with his long arm and stroked her hair gently, “It’s actually quite fun to be a self-indulgent ruler once in a while…” “Nonsense.” Xyla’s cheeks were kissed pink. “Go and play your game. Hubby shall keep working to support the family, to support you.” As he spoke, he ran his fingers through her hair again. “Who said that I need you to sup

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