Chapter 528

Originally, the foreign noblewoman had no interest in that bag at all. However, she changed her mind as she saw Xyla Quest try on the bag, a strong desire to own the bag rising within her. Pointing at the bag in Xyla’s hand, she turned to face the salesgirl and demanded. “Is there any stock left for that bag? I’ll take it.” She had the typical foreigner’s accent when speaking the language of Country Z. The salesgirl shook her head helplessly in response. “No, Miss. That’s a limited edition and there are only two in our store. We just sold one earlier, and that is the only one left.” Without hesitation, the foreign noblewoman strode toward Xyla and pointed at the bag in her hand. “Give it to me…” Xyla and Stanley frowned at her rude and overbearing attitude. “I’m going to buy this,” said Xyla. She would never hand over the bag to this woman. If this person had spoken nicely to her in the first place, she would consider giving her the bag and sacrificing herself. However, there

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