Chapter 521

Xyla Quest kept herself busy until noon before finally sorting out all her work in X Entertainment and Quest Group that she had piled up. After turning her computer off, she felt her neck was as stiff as a board. Her shoulders were aching terribly. Xyla stretched her arms lazily before looking at her watch and preparing to order in. Right then, Stanley Batton called her on her phone. The exhaustion she felt completely faded away when she saw his call. Xyla immediately picked it up and a smile unknowingly appeared on her face. “Hey… What’s up?” “Have you eaten?” Stanley asked. “Not yet. I was thinking of ordering in and maybe driving out later in the afternoon for a walk outside. I can’t stand staying at home all day,” Xyla answered. “Are you done with work?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m all done.” “Come to my place. We’ll eat together,” he said. “Sure…” Xyla wanted to go outside anyway. “Come over to Dragon Group,” Stanley added. “Okay.” Xyla said. After that, Xyla hung up the p

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