Chapter 522

Stanley Batton was the one who asked Xyla Quest to come over. Besides, Xyla didn’t have the intentions those people had said. Hence, it was understandable for her to feel offended by what they said. However, she didn’t show any emotion on the surface. She took her phone out and proceeded to call Stanley instead. Instantaneously, the two bodyguards rolled their eyes in annoyance. Right after that, one of them began to speak. “Pretending to call our CEO again. Are you thinking of sneaking into the building when we’re not paying attention? We’ve seen far too many like you, lady. Stop playing tricks.” “Exactly. Our CEO doesn’t randomly meet girls for no reason,” the other bodyguard chipped in. Everyone who passed by couldn’t resist rolling their eyes at Xyla. They were making it seem as if Xyla was a girl who was here to seduce their CEO. Xyla ignored them and continued to look for Stanley’s number on her phone. Just as she was about to press the dial button, she saw Stanley walking

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