Chapter 520

Immediately, Emily Quest slid her phone into her pocket. “I’ve already deleted the picture before I explain everything to you. There’s no point snatching my phone now.” “Why did you do that?” Bailey Ronson’s face was filled with fury. “It’s because I’m afraid that you won’t keep your words. I told you that I’m not going to go against Xyla Quest anymore. I’m tired.” Emily added, “I’m telling you because I’m afraid that you’ll kick me out of the house. I don’t have any other intentions.” With that out of the way, Emily secretly tapped the screen of her phone in her pocket. Her phone stopped recording their conversation. It was for back-up purposes. To have the sound recording in her phone, she would have evidence to excuse herself from the trouble in case things went bad. Everything was going exactly according to her mother’s plan. “You better recover that picture right now and send it to me. Otherwise, I won’t let you off the hook!” “I hope that you will keep the promise. If y

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