Chapter 517

When the time had come, Emily Quest could bully and torture Xyla Quest any way she wanted. Xyla would be at her mercy, just like a plaything in her hand! “Hahahahaha…” Emily started to laugh maniacally, her hands over her mouth. How long had it been since she was this happy? It had been way too long! Excitement engulfed her whenever she imagined the endings that might be happening to Xyla. Buzz… Buzz… Her phone vibrated again at that moment. The man who had called her just now sent a picture of Stanley Batton to her on WeChat. There was a tanned, skinny man in the picture. Besides, one of his eyes was blind, and he looked extremely hideous. Upon seeing that face, Emily felt like she was going to vomit the next second. “Xyla Quest… Your cravings for love and affection must be really strong back then. Why would you go for a man like this? Tsk Tsk Tsk…” After having a whale of a time laughing at Xyla, Emily decided to call May Conner and share the good news with her. May picked

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